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We’re currently building on sites across County Durham, with more to come …

We all know that feeling. Walking through the front door after a long day and being glad to be home.

And if that home is yours, it can make sitting down on the settee with a good cuppa all the more rewarding. That’s why m!ne exists.

m!ne offers solutions to help people get on the property ladder.

It’s really that simple; there’s no place like m!ne.

why m!ne?

m!ne is developing a range of homes through the government-backed Rent to Buy scheme, which aims to ease the transition from renting to buying.

So if you’re struggling to get on the property ladder, by opting for a m!ne home you will benefit from a reduced rate of rent, usually around 20% lower than you’d pay to a private landlord.

This means that with the money you save, you’ll be able to build up a deposit at the same time and buy your home after five years.

Can I have a pet in my property?

You’re allowed up to two…

Can I run a business from my property?

You can’t operate any business…

Is there a show home that I can visit?

Our homes are currently under…

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